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Can error_handler be set for a blueprint?

def page_not_found(error):
    return 'This page does not exist', 404


you can specify an app wide and a blueprint local error_handler

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You can use Blueprint.app_errorhandler method like this:

bp = Blueprint('errors', __name__)

def handle_404(err):
    return render_template('404.html'), 404

def handle_500(err):
    return render_template('500.html'), 500
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Even with this in place, abort(404) in the blueprint's views would be handled by app's error handler and not this. See Flask doc for it for more info. – Devi May 7 '15 at 6:58
Flask indeed sucks bigtime in this – TjerkW Feb 10 at 14:54

Flask doesnt support blueprint level error handlers for 404 and 500 errors. A BluePrint is a leaky abstraction. Its better to use a new WSGI App for this, if you need separate error handlers, this makes more sense.

Also i would recommend not to use flask, it uses globals all over the places, which makes your code difficult to manage if it grows bigger.

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