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i'am taking a course in Advanced artificial intelligence,and i must learn CUDA programming,and i saw in many website cuda examples,but i'am confused about professor told me that cuda is similar to c but no for loops for example and in all the documentation i open from Nvidia and other website i only can see CUDA C what i want to understand where to start programming CUDA not CUDA C or CUDA C++.

also is there's any reference which helps me to start from how to declare to print on screen how the structure of the to make a function how to make loop w.r.t CUDA not the for loop of the C ore C++ Language.

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If you would have look harder, you would have found out that CUDA isn't a programming language (like C or C++). CUDA is the platform of parallel programming for the NVIDIA cards. CUDA C++ or CUDA C are alternatives for you, so you can use CUDA(platform of parallel programming for the NVIDIA cards). There is also pyCUDA for example, so you could take advantage of CUDA through python. The programming language is up to you.

If you just want to code CUDA through examples, there is plenty in the internet, and yes, you have to search for CUDA C or CUDA C++. But if you want to understand the platform, and also code, I recommend two books: the one with a lot of examples, and from NVIDIA: CUDA by Example and the other is Programming Massively Parallel Processors for a more detailed and well-explained book.

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As already stated, CUDA is not a separate language by itself. CUDA represents extensions to C, C++, Fortran or many other languages (Python, Java, etc.) that allow you to program GPUs. So you will have to pick a language. The NVIDIA CUDA C programmers guide is a very readable document if you're familiar with C. – Robert Crovella Oct 7 '12 at 13:19
Also, NVIDIA provides webinars that you can watch any time to get started. This is a good first webinar, and this is a good second webinar for C programmers. – Robert Crovella Oct 7 '12 at 13:20
OK that's helpful i knew c and c++ and they contains for loop.but as i mentioned that the professor told us no for loops .i just need explanation to this point. – HATEM EL-AZAB Oct 7 '12 at 13:25
It's very difficult to really explain that, but i'll try. A lot of times, for loops make the same work for all the iterations, for example you have an int array and add +1 to every values in the array, so normally you need a for loop, but with CUDA, you could tell the graphic card to do that in time 1. Because the GPU can deploy all the threads you want and every thread will add +1 to its respective value in the array, so thread 0 will work with array[0], thread 1 with array[1], thread 2 with array[2], etc. – eLRuLL Oct 7 '12 at 13:38
yeah understand now.thanks – HATEM EL-AZAB Oct 7 '12 at 13:41

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