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I'm trying to work with some maths, and I can't get a negative number to act as a positive number. I have these numbers in different variables;

330 3106 -2776

I need 330, 3106 and 2776 so I can do this statement (obviously they will be vars though!);

if((2776 + 330) == 3106){ 


Is there a shorthand or quick method I can use to do this inside of my if statement? Id rather not have to make more variables to do this...


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Use Math.abs() function:

if((Math.abs(-2776) + 330) == 3106){ 
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Yep, that's what I was after. Thanks Tomasz and every else who replied. I'll accept as soon as the website lets me (got to wait a few mins first!) –  Dan Oct 7 '12 at 12:49

You can use Math.abs() on a number to ensure it's positive.

Math.abs(-123);  // 123

Math.abs(123);   // 123
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You could use Math.abs() method.

Math.abs(-2276) === 2276
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