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I am developing a practice problem in Java with ANTLR 3.4. The instructions that are given us in ANTLR 2.7 and change with respect to version 3. I found pages show some differences, but not those that seek.

In ANTLR 2.7 MiToken can load a class like this:

analex.setTokenObjectClass ("MiToken")**

What would be the equivalent in ANTLR 3.4? This option does not exist in that version.

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Many classes in v2 were removed from v3, so chances are there is no 1-on-1 equivalent. Some more context would help (although 4 up-voters may disagree with me: they apparently find your question clear enough, but didn't take the trouble to post an answer...). How are you using setTokenObjectClass(String)? What is it supposed to do? (the old v2 docs didn't help much) –  Bart Kiers Oct 7 '12 at 17:02

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In ANTLR 3.4 the method setTokenObjectClass(Sting), does not exists. You should look to that page (is a wiki of ANTLR 3.4):


We are using the same instructions PDFs, you use C# as target language, but we use Java as target language. I can get it done because other student in the same class find the name of the method to override (the method´s name to override in ANTLR v3.4 is emit().

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Ese metodo ya no existe en ANTLR v3.4. ANTLR lo hace solo, mira esta pagina como ya te dije en msdn en la pregunta (Duda cambios ANTLR 2 y ANTLR 3).

Tambien estamos usando los mismos guiones pero nosotros lo hacemos para Java (el codigo producido por ANTLR es Java en vez de ANTLR como usas tu). Yo lo pude resolver gracias a que un compañero de clase me dijo el nombre del metodo que teniamos que sobrescribir y despue buscando me encontre esta pagina del Wiki de ANTLR v3.4. Miralo porque seguro que te sirve de algo, te dara rabia por las noches que te hayas pasado sin dormir hasta tarde para encontrarlo:



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I think SO is suppose to be in english. A lot of people don't understand what you are saying. –  ForceMagic Oct 14 '12 at 2:39

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