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Am currently working on a CouchDB project, and have recently decided to switch to a Linux environment for development as I plan to deploy on a Linux server.

I was hoping to copy over my .couch files straight from - Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/CouchDB-1-1-1/var/lib/couchdb - and paste them directly into what I guess should be - var/lib/couchdb - But I keep running into file/folder permission errors each time I try to access var/lib/couchdb.

Is it even possible to transfer .couch files in the way I envisage?


Update - Follwing up on Dominic's comments, I managed to apply the fix found in the answer below.

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What are the permissions set on your file/dir? – Dominic Barnes Oct 7 '12 at 13:49
They were - drwxr-xr-x - I've managed to change them (755). I knew I couldn't rule out inexperience in this instance. Thanks for the tip. :) – Charlie Oct 7 '12 at 15:06
How about the owner of the file? Is it root or your own username? – Dominic Barnes Oct 7 '12 at 15:09
On my account, using sudo. I'm on Ubuntu. – Charlie Oct 7 '12 at 19:18
You might want to consider writing your update as an answer to your own question so you can mark it as resolved. – Octavian Damiean Oct 7 '12 at 21:25

After some investigative work, I found it to be a permissions error, exactly as Dominic Barnes had suggested in the comments...

The issue is also discussed here - Staging setup with couchdb

To fix it, I first ran;

sudo chmod -R 755 var/lib/couchdb

I may have also changed the permissions on the relevant parent folders too. I was then able to copy my .couch files into var/lib/couchdb/COUCH-VERSION-NUMBER. After doing that, I then had to use chmod to set favourable write permissions on the newly copied files, but also had to run:

sudo chown couchdb var/lib/couchdb/COUCH-VERSION-NUMBER/

To open those files up to the user group (the "couchdb" group) that the couchdb installation sets up for internal use (I think...). After that, I restarted couchdb, forcing it to stop with:

ps -U couchdb -o pid= | xargs kill -9 

and restarting with:

/etc/init.d/couchdb start

After that, everything seemed to work as expected. Hope that helps anyone else running into the same problem.

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