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I am trying to parse the following XML:


I have researched extensively and found the following (past) solutions and none of them currently work in Chrome 24 with jQuery 1.8

    $("#output").append($(this).find("author").text() + "<br />");


    $("#output").append($(this).find("author").text() + "<br />");


    $("#output").append($(this).find("author").text() + "<br />");

In my research, it would seem that this is primarily a chrome issue and not a jQuery issue. Is there an accepted solution? Is there a better js library to use for XML parsing?

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first method works in Chrome 22... try this in your version jsfiddle.net/zeGWs –  charlietfl Oct 7 '12 at 14:01

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I just hit the same issue today. With jQuery 1.8.3 and Chrome 23 I've noticed 2 cases:

//Data is a string representing XML
var data = "<catalog><ns:book><author>Author</author></ns:book></catalog>";

Case 1

//Case 1
var xml = $.parseXML(data); 
//xml is a XmlDocument
//$(xml) is a Document
//works directly, can't seem to be able to use namespace.

Case 2.

var xml = $(data);
//xml is an Object
//works just fine
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