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I'm remotely accessing my Linux web server via SSH client(putty). I have sets of commands I frequently use written down to some text file and copy&paste them to SSH client whenever I use those commands(too lazy to type).

But are there any tools/softwares that enable you to send configured command lines to the SSH client by just clicking menus or icons?

I'm running putty on windows7 and putty disables default windows right click context menu so I can't use a tool that use it.

If anyone knows some good tool please let me know.

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I see 2 ways.

  1. You can make bash scripts on server side. Call them short (s1.sh) but meaningful names- Then you can call them from shell. (Make sure their location in PATH variable and permissions correct)

  2. as Putty Right-Click automatically Paste clipboard content all we need to use good clipboard manager.

Five Best Clipboard Managers These page has plenty of free ones. I recommend Ditto as it supports HotKeys!

Additionally get use of puttygen.exe + pageant.exe . puttygen which generates Public and Private keys. pageant.exe makes Automate login to remote server. Using pageant

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