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For rack-mini-profiler I would like to add a special diagnostic option that allows you to see your "expanded" css and js assets, in production.

So, if a user types in we would inform sprockets somehow to fall back to serving the unminified and unbundled assets for this particular request. The rest of the requests should be unaffected.

How would I get something like this going? Do I need to monkey patch, or are there built in hooks?

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Reading the Sprockets code, it looks like the Rails helpers have this built in:

  1. Enable fallback asset compiling by setting config.assets.compile = true in your environment's config file.
  2. Add the param debug_assets=true to any request.
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unfortunately once this is enabled, it enables it for all users, so it is a bit risky for production – Sam Saffron Oct 17 '12 at 8:05

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