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I want to create a link tag like

<link rel="next" href="localhost/site/posts/index" />

by cakephp 1.3 code. I need to put it in the head section, but defining it from view

I have tried using $html->meta(), like $html->meta("some title", "localhost/site/posts/index", array('inline' => false, 'rel' => 'next') ) , but I get

<link title="some title" rel="next" type="application/rss+xml" href="localhost/site/posts/index">

, and if I try to get rid of type or change it I get only the following <meta rel="next">, I have tried also by $html->css(), but I can not remove/change type="text/css" part


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Pass the parameters as an array, that way most of the auto-magic will be skipped, and the second parameter will act as inline option:

$html->meta(array('rel' => 'next', 'link' => 'localhost/site/posts/index'), false);

Just tested with CakePHP 1.3.15

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Many thanks !! :) –  dav Oct 7 '12 at 17:36

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