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I'm making a webpage where the user has to connect elements from two lists in a quiz. For example, imagine a quiz question where you have two lists, one with countries and one with capitals, and the user has to connect the capitals to the correct countries.

Preferably, there should be a way for the user to drag the elements from the second list to an area next to the elements of the first list. Like this:

example image

Here, you would drag the blue boxes into the gray rectangles.

Is there a jQuery plugin or other JavaScript library that does something like this already? Or do I have to implement it myself? If so, does anyone have some pointers to articles describing solutions to similar problems, or ideas on how one can best solve this?

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Considered using the jQuery UI droppable? It does pretty much the thing you want. Just set the gray boxes as droppable and the blue ones as draggable.

You'll probably use the revert option.

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I hoped there would be a jQuery plugin that does this already, but it seems I'll have to implement this myself. Thanks for the answer anyway! –  JW. Oct 26 '12 at 14:53
It shouldn't be a problem. If you struggle, just let us know. You can create a plugin yourself! :) –  mreq Oct 26 '12 at 15:12

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