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I am trying to parse a comma delimited text box as a list and then check if a string has any of the strings in the list.

For instance: txtLastName: smit txtFirstName: joh,jon,j.

I need to search a database that has a field combined_name that includes smith and joh or jon or j. in it.

This is what I have so far:

            var fullName = txtSearchBox0.Text.Trim();
        List<string> firstName = new List<string>(txtSearchBox1.Text.Split(',').Select(x => Convert.ToString(x)).ToList());

        var rows = (from c in db.GetTable<defendants_ALL>()
                    where c.combined_name.Contains(fullName) && c.combined_name.Contains(firstName)
                    select c).ToList();

This does not work with firstName being a list but it does if it is var like the last name. Is it possible to use .Contains with the list variable or is there another way I need to do this??

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Very simple.

Try searching the value in the first name list as

string fullName = txtSearchBox0.Text.Trim();
List<string> firstName = txtSearchBox1.Text.Split(',').ToList();

var rows = (from c in db.GetTable<defendants_ALL>()
            where c.combined_name.Contains(fullName) 
                && firstName.Contains(c.combined_name)
            select c)
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