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I'm trying to build gtest for XCode 4.4.1 as per the instructions here and here ; however, it seems that upon trying to build "gtest-framework" the only possible destination in my "Scheme" is "My Mac 64-bit".

When I try to build the project, I get the following error :-

The run destination My Mac 64-bit is not valid for Running the scheme 'gtest-framework'. The scheme 'gtest-framework' contains no buildables that can be built for the SDKs supported by the run destination My Mac 64-bit. Make sure your targets all specify SDKs that are supported by this version of Xcode.

How could I proceed with building gtest for XCode so that I can use it for my projects?

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In General.xcconfig change values for SDKROOT and MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET

// Default SDK and minimum OS version is 10.4

In the projects Build Settings change the Base SDK to 10.7 and the Compiler to the default compiler.

Building gtest should work now.

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