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I would like to send some data by using jquery ajax function to my PHP file.

I have created such function:

function ajax_call (url, select, select_name)

    $(select).change(function () {
          $(".result").fadeIn(400).html('<img src="ajax-loader.gif"/>');            
          var select_value = $(this).val();

              type: 'POST', 
              url: url, 
              data: { select_name : select_value }, 
                  success: function(data){  

I call it:

ajax_call ('url path to my PHP file', '#my_select_div', 'my_data_name');

I have problem with this part:

data: { select_name : select_value }

I would like to get:


but I'm getting:


Any ideas?

Thanks for your answers.

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When using object literal syntax, the key can be a string or an identifier. The identifier represents the key name, not a variable. You have to assign the key/value after creating the object if you want to use variable key names.

var data = {};
data[select_name] = select_value;
              type: 'POST', 
              url: url, 
              data: data
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Thank you very much. –  emi Oct 7 '12 at 15:16

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