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I want to know that is there any way through which I can execute all my stored procedure at a time. Presently I am executing each stored procedure using exec "Stored Procedure name" command. And I have more than 200 stored procedure to be executed on my database.

Is there any easy way out to execute all these stored procedure at a single time as it is difficult for me to keep a track of them?

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I suggest you write a stored procedure which calls the other ones.

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Put all stored procedures inside a stored procedure,

    CALL Proc1
    CALL Proc2
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Assuming that you are using Query Analyzer, just put a GO in between all those stored proc and run script.

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If you want to execute them all in parallel you could create a SQLJob and schedule them all to execute at the same time. Link below is general usage of SQL Jobs.


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you can select all stored procedure names from sys.objects table querying type='P'. After you can use cursor for every stored procedure name to execute. But how about stored procedures with parameters? you must provide parameter values as well to avoid from errors.

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You can use Service broker to do this async but I dont think it is a great idea to run 200 stored procs at the same time unless you are sure there will not be any contention on the DB

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