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Given a directed graph and some of its nodes, how to prune the nodes that cannot reach any of the given nodes. (I term it leaf components, which I am not sure is a correct term)

Are there any known algorithms solving this efficiently?

It would be perfect if you could point out some Java Open source code for it.


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I've implemented this for OSM data to eliminate small subnetworks:… – Karussell Oct 7 '12 at 21:35

Start a Breadth First Search or a Depth First Search starting from your given set of nodes and mark all nodes that the search traverses. Afterwards all non-marked nodes are not reachable from your given set of nodes and can be pruned. If n are the number of vertices and m the number of edges, this would solve your problem in O(n + m).

I personally prefer Tinkerpop Blueprints as my main library for Graph processing in the JVM/Java/Scala.

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If i got you right, you need to find the Strongly Connected Components, which can be found in O(n + m) time by doing 2 depth-first searches.

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