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I'm new to mustache.js and using it in express 3.0 in node.js and I want to use a helper function for formatting time in templates.

In app.js:

  helper: {
    friendly_time: require('./libs/util').friendly_time

friendly_time is a function function friendly_time(date){ ... }, date is a Date object.

In index.hjs:

  <div class="org-articles">
    <ul class="org-articles-list">
      <li class="org-articles-item">
        <a class ="org-article-title" href="/o/{{title}}">
        <span class="org-article-mtime">

articles is an array containing objects like:

    title: 'title',                           // a string
    mtime: new Date() // a js Date object

And then the process throw error:

TypeError: Object {{mtime}} has no method 'getFullYear'

I know articles[i].mtime is treated as a string {{mtime}} and that causes the error. But I don't know how correct this. Any help is appreciated.

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I think you need to use three braces so that mustache doesn't try to clean the input data. Though I'm not positive what it does with Date objects.


The other option is to update friendlyTime so that it can also accept a string and convert it into a date object before attempting to call getFullYear.

function friendly_time(date){
    if(!date.getFullYear) {
        date = new Date(date);

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TypeError: Object {{{mtime}}} has no method 'getFullYear' The error still exists. Update the function will not correct it because what I pass to the function is the string {{{mtime}}} or {{mtime}}, not its value(a Date object or String object)! – Boris Oct 8 '12 at 0:29

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