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Is there an automatic way to track reports and their dependencies for SSRS? What I want is a map/tree where I can see whether a report depends on a other report or subreport.

So far we did this by hand using Visual Studio 2008 checking all the 'actions' in text field properties, image field properties etc. for generating such a report tree

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Hi, welcome to SO. This site is for programming questions. You probably have a better chance to get an answer over at – Thilo Oct 7 '12 at 16:44

You need to query the "Catalog" table of the ReportServer database. Notice that there is a Type field and its values are as follows:

If the value is 1 then the "Path" is a folder.

Value 2 refers to Report

Value 3 refers to Resource

Value 4 refers to Linked Report

Value 5 refers to Data Source
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