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Task: I wanted to create a simple share button which extends to a share section (F,T,G,P) when clicked.

I failed to let the section slide out of the share button - what I really, really wanted - but managed to let a separate ul element slide out on the right side.

The animation worked… until I set the ul to hide initially via $('.networks').hide();

The sections is intended to only show up after a click, but now after the first click it just "pops open" ignoring the configured slide-out. Sliding only works in both directions (open and close) after clicking on it at least once .

I've uploaded an Example here at and as a jsFiddle.

Side note: the demos are behaving a little bit strange since they appear to only show a slide-in fx. The slide-out fx, with which we start, always looks like it pops open - that's not the case, it works after the second click, so you got to focus your eyes to see it (on a normal browser it visibly works better).

PS: Bonus points if you help me make this slide out of the "share" button. Be aware that I only have rudimentary knowledge of Javascript ( * duck and run * ).

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Take a look at this fiddle link.

I changed the display property of the buttons to be inline-block instead of inline. Elements with display inline can not have a width and i think it was the reason why jQuery was not able to animates the Elements width. I also animated the wrap around the ul instead of the ul.

EDIT: made a fast mockup of the thing sliding out of the button. Changed some css to be on the list elements itself instead of on the a elements, just work through the css and I think it will look ok. edit forgot the link: link

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What can I say more: Perfect. Thanks a lot buddy. I've been pondering about this the whole weekend and couldn't get my head around it. I'd never have guess that changing inline to inline-block will fix the issues I got with my attempt. Now even the slide-out functionality I was looking for works properly (thanks for the mockup too). – pattulus Oct 7 '12 at 17:59
Thank you very much :) – Trond Hatlen Oct 8 '12 at 11:51

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