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I have a UINavigationController with a root view, A, on which i push a view controller, B. From view controller B, I later push another view controller, C on the navigation controller. When popping C, the navigation controller correctly dismisses view C but also B, which should be displayed.

viewDidAppear and viewWillDissappear gets called on B, however viewDidAppear is not called.

The navigation controller only goes back one step. I. e. there is still a Back-button to press but when you press it nothing happens but the button disappears, since we already are at the root view controller, A.

Anyone know what could be the cause of the middle view controller, B, not showing on the way back is?

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can you show some code? if you push and pop in the same manner there is no reason for this to happen.. –  TommyG Oct 7 '12 at 17:54
sorry for bothering you, I found the bug and I'm an idiot –  joakimb Oct 7 '12 at 19:10

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if u are using storyboard and push the view controller correctly in it without specifying anything it should work fine. the navigation controller itself take care of the back button and popping immediate view controllers.

I have a issue which is kind of similer to this. but in my case i want to go from C to directly A(one of my middle view controller not the root) when i pop the A view controller in the viewWillDissapear() method. it directly goes to A but i also have the issue of having two back buttons in A view controller when i using this way. Can anybody help me a effective solution to fix this issue? i think the above problem is similer to this. Can anybody explain me how to do it with navigation protocol and using the existing back button to go to any view controller we need.

Thank you!!

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