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Portable Programming IDE

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It doesn't need to be a full-blown IDE, a compiler would do (though syntax highlighting would be great||something like Sublime Text).

Since I usually only program in Linux, I'd like to try programming with windows.h. (It seems a messy API, though.) I guess the compiler would include it?

If there's no decent compiler/IDE I'll have to go with web programming, but after so much time it's tiring. Thanks a lot!

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Compiler - MinGW GCC. It may be portable, just need to set up environment from batch file.

IDE (did you mean editor?) - Far Manager with Colorer plugin (at least) and ConEmu for tabs and more. Imho, it is the best for developers and of course, Far is console applicatipn. Far 3.x is fully portable (settings are stored in sqlite db's). ConEmu may be portable too (creare ConEmu.xml file). And yes, I'm the author of ConEmu ;)

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