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I have a TextView with a very large string that uses multiple lines when compiled. I am trying to figure out how I can find the number of string elements or characters there are in each line.

The XML for the TextView

        android:maxLines = "5"
        android:scrollbars = "vertical"
        android:textSize="12sp" />

My code works perfectly i just need to know how I can find the number of elements in each line. Also, if this can not be found then if I can determine which element is at the end the line of text or which element starts the next line of text will also be a fine answer. Thank you!!

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Never mind I got it!!

Using the getLineStart method fixed the problem! For anyone who was having a similar problem to me,try this code, maybe it will help you! Note: the getLineStart() will read all the characters from every line including spaces in order till it gets to that specific line.

     int curLine = tv.getLayout().getLineStart(0);
     int nextLine = tv.getLayout().getLineStart(1);
     int difference = nextLine-curLine;

The value of difference will be how many characters (including spaces) are on the curLine

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That returns null for me.... I am using this in an list adapter @adam steinberg –  ydnas Apr 4 '14 at 6:56

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