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I have a text file with three paragraphs. I want to display the different paragraphs in different colors using bash script commands. Paragraph 1 in red, paragraph 2 in blue and paragraph 3 in cyan.

I managed to display lines in color using commands like

echo -e '\E[32;47m Green.'; tput sgr0

However, I want to parse my file and change colors when there is a new paragraph. I would appreciate for some hints.

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The input /tmp/FILE : http://pastie.org/4928415

The script :


tput setaf $c
while read a; do
    [[ $a =~ ^$ ]] && tput setaf $((++c))
    echo "$a"
done < /tmp/FILE
tput sgr0

The output :

enter image description here

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You just have to modify it a bit to display the wanted colors. –  StardustOne Oct 7 '12 at 18:16
Thank you so much! can i also convert this colored output to a pdf file with the colors still maintained. thank you again! –  Elias Ermias Oct 7 '12 at 18:32

Here's an awk solution, which uses in turn elements of an array of color settings:

BEGIN { nc = split("\33[31;47m \33[34;43m \33[36;40m", colors, " ");
        c=1; print colors[c] }
{ print }
/^$/ { c = 1+(c%nc); print colors[c]}

[Edit: The above erroneously adds an extra blank line between paragraphs. Corrected code is as follows:

BEGIN { nc = split("\33[31;47m \33[34;43m \33[36;40m", colors, " ");
        c=1; printf "%s", colors[c] }
/^$/ { c = 1+(c%nc); print colors[c]}

The !/^$/ causes any non-blank line to print as is. (End Edit)].

If the above is in file 3-para.awk and data is in file 3-para.data, use a command like awk -f 3-para.awk 3-para.data to get output like the following. screenshot of script output

For more convenient use, define a function that invokes the script and then resets colors to default:

tricolor() {
   awk -f 3-para.awk $1; tput sgr0

Use the function via (eg) tricolor 3-para.data

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