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I am using Lawnchair for HTML5 iOS App Development for Persistant Storage.

I have an iteration script that returns undefined 11 times, here is the script

var lawnchair = Lawnchair({name:'relaxed', record:'config'}, function(people){

    this.all(function(record, index) { 
        records = record.length;
        couchURL = record.couchURL;

        for(i = 0, len = records; i < len; i++){


The Data is obviously in local storage but isn't being iterated out correctly, could anybody provide a fix for this? Thanks

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Try this :

var lawnchair = Lawnchair({name:'relaxed', adapter:'dom'}, function(people){


this.all(function(data) { 
    for(var i = 0; i<data.length;i++)
       Get data using this...data[i].value.fieldname

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