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Ok so here is my code, When I start parsing the results I get an error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'profile_image_url' of undefined I can see the object and it appears I am selecting it correctly ?? any suggestion ? thanks

$('#twits').live('pageinit' , function(){

    function twitSearch(){
            url:'http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q='+ $('#query').val(),
            success: function(json_results){
                $('#twitresults ul').remove();
                $('#twitresults').append('<ul data-role="listview"></ul><p>');
                listItems = $('#twitresults').find('ul');
                $.each(json_results, function(key){
                    html ='<img src=' + json_results.results[key].profile_image_url +  '/>';
                    html += '<h3><a href="#">' + json_results.results[key].text + '</a></h3><p>';
                    html += '<p>From: ' + json_results.results[key].from_user + 'Created: ' + json_results.results[key].created_at + '</p>';
                    listItems.append('<li>' + html + '</li>');

                $('#twitresults ul').listview();

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When you use $.each to iterate over an array, the value passed to the callback, in your case, key, is the object itself. So try using key.profile_image_url.

Although - you also seem to be using json_results.results. So your $each may need to use json_results.results instead, ie: $.each(json_results.results, ...

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thanks so much. $.each(json_results.results,... is what worked... –  Joel Johnson Oct 8 '12 at 2:33

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