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Example is the following, where T is some DTO that I expect to get 1...n back matching the resultCount. This loaded up fine using Jayrock JsonConvert, however is just returning a new JsonResult to me when trying to deserialize the same json text that worked in Jayrock.

public class JsonResult<T>
  public int resultCount = 0;
  public T[] results;

I thought this might be an issue that I asked about at ServiceStack.Text.JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromString<T>() fails to deserialize if string contains \n's, however even stripping out those \n's still doesn't allow deserialization to succeed.

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ServiceStack's JSON Serializer does support generics but only serializes public properties which is the problem here.

Also the [Serializable] attribute has no significance in most (all?) serailizers outside of .NET, including all of ServiceStack's serializers.

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I believe the [Serializable] is still lingering from some old xml serialization of this object type. I'll take a look though. – JesseP Oct 7 '12 at 17:58
Moving to properties solved my issue. Thanks! – JesseP Oct 7 '12 at 18:02

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