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Got stack with wraping result in li tags below are my codes

PHP Code


$counter = 0;

 while (have_posts()) : the_post(); $counter++;
    <div><?php the_title();</div>
    if($counter%7 == 6){ echo '</li><li>'; } 


My the first 6 Results are successfully wrap with li but got problem on second and third it wrap 7 results li instead of 6

Results HTML

        <div>Result 1</div>
        <div>Result 2</div>
        <div>Result 3</div>
        <div>Result 4</div>
        <div>Result 5</div>
        <div>Result 6</div>

        <div>Result 7</div>
        <div>Result 8</div>
        <div>Result 9</div>
        <div>Result 10</div>
        <div>Result 11</div>
        <div>Result 12</div>
        <div>Result 13</div>
        <div>Result 14</div>
        <div>Result 15</div>
        <div>Result 16</div>
        <div>Result 17</div>
        <div>Result 18</div>
        <div>Result 19</div>
        <div>Result 20</div>
        <div>Result 21</div>


I don't know if where I got wrong on my loop up there or I missed something

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Try this:

if ($counter > 0 && $counter % 6 == 0) {
    echo '</li><li>';
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awsome this conditon works great :) – idontknowhow Oct 7 '12 at 18:38

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