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I'm trying to deploy a nodeJS native app to CF. I'm using cf-runtime module to figure out the real server's IP and port address my app is running on. However with adding the

var cf = require('cf-runtime');
var local_port = 3000;
...... code....


  console.log('Proxy server running at localhost:' + local_port);
  console.log("host: " + + " port: " + app.port);

I'm seeing an error as below:

Creating Application: OK Uploading Application: Checking for available resources: OK Processing resources: OK Packing application: OK Uploading (44K): OK Push Status: OK Staging Application 'leohu-proxy': OK Starting Application 'leohu-proxy': .......Error: Application 'leohu-proxy's state is undetermined, not enough information available.

thu@geekdev:~$ vmc logs leohu-proxy ====> /logs/staging.log <====

# Logfile created on 2012-10-07 17:41:24 +0000 by logger.rb/25413 Skipping npm support: npm-shrinkwrap.json is not provided

====> /logs/stdout.log <====

Proxy server running at localhost:3000 host: port: 15669

Can anyone exlain why, or advise me what to do here?

A following question might be: can I access this app from another app by using the exposed host and port address?

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Base on your stage log, you are missing the npm-shrinkwrap.json file.

Here is 2 blog posts from Cloud Foundry. One is for Node.js Module support and the other is the new runtime module (which you are using).

I would recommend you to review the first url and apply what they have instructed. This should get your issue resolved.

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i will try this out. thanks. am a bit confused though, what scenarios that needs this file? the demo nodejs project on CF website doesnot provide it. – leohu Oct 10 '12 at 5:31
There will be an update done on the about Node. Stay tuned :-) – Ali Moghadam Oct 10 '12 at 21:25

I'm not an expert about CF. But I'll try.

I think your log is ok. But the app seems to be down by the health manager. (after starting app).

Is your app is just a proxy ? It maybe an issue here if I have right about the healt manager.

Hope it helps.


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right, its just a proxy. u are right about the health mgr brought it down though i have no idea why – leohu Oct 8 '12 at 12:03

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