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Hello i am struggling for past few days, with simple application which could create multiple previews for simultaneous video playback of different video streams ( but same formats in example mpeg4 ). On my platform there are no Xaml runtime so i am using simple WinApi32 functions with DirectShow.

But no matter what i do i can not achieve more than one video stream playing at once. I am in doubt right now if it is even possible with DirectShow on windows Embedded Compact. But maybe i am wrong since i didn't descend in details of creating filters graphs.

My approach was to simply create few IBuilderGraph, IMediaControl, and IMediaEventEx interfaces. Then i use RenderFile method for each graph builder to create filter graph, then create IVideoWindow for each sets notification window and use IMediaControl::Run to start playing file.

This works on desktop windows 7 platform, but simply doesn't work on CE. Only one preview is actually playing video stream, and the other ones are black and doesn't show anything.

So my question is "Is this possible to have multiply video playbacks on windows embedded compact 7?" and if it is, please explain what tool could i use.

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It is possible that you video codec is using a hardware chip for decoding the stream, in such case you might not be able to decode more that one stream at a time if the chip does not support it. – yms Oct 19 '12 at 14:16
It is unclear what goes wrong exactly. Chances are high the problem is somewhere not too deep, where you can work it around. – Roman R. May 20 '14 at 11:55

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I am surprised that you are able to get the streaming going at all. I read this:

IMediaControl interface are not supported on Windows Embedded Compact either. Attempting to access either member will generate an E_NOTIMPL error


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You appear to have misread your source. Only the get_FilterCollection and get_RegFilterCollection members are unsupported. – Nick Udell May 20 '14 at 11:19

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