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I have a problem which I cannot seem figure out. Your help will be much appreciated. I am using the Odata Nuget package. Now I have this url:


Works perfectly. If I have the following$filter=DateSent+gt+datetime'2012-09-06'&_=1349632487099

I get this error - ')' or operator expected at position 16 in '(_ eq 'datetime'1349632487099')'. Before I installed the package the following worked.$filter=(DateSent+gt+datetime'2012-09-06')&_=1349632487099

Still no luck however. Could you help? By the way if I put the filter at the end of the url it works. This is not ideal. Backbone automatically attaches the cache variable and I dont want to overwrite/hack this.



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I just tried this and it seems to work fine. From the error message, it appears that the url is not being encoded properly. Also you mentioned that putting the $filter at the end seems to work which could as well mean that there is something wrong with the url encoding. Is that possible ?

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