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How can I make a part of a word bold in reStructuredText?

Here is an example of what I need: ".rst stands for restructured text."

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I was surprised that you could not simply write

.rst stands for **r**e**s**tructured **t**ext.

but the reStructuredText specification indeed states that inline markup must be followed by white-space or one of - . , : ; ! ? \ / ' " ) ] } or >, so the above string of reStructuredText is not valid. However, only a minor change is required to get valid character markup with backslash escapes. Changing the above to

.rst stands for **r**\ e\ **s**\ tructured **t**\ ext.

works fine. To see this in action try the online reST to HTML converter.

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Wow! What a nice hack! It does work fine. Thanks! – v_2e Oct 8 '12 at 18:02

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