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I am trying to select a field from MySQL table and remove a substring from that field, and update that field.

For example: VAR1010 I want to replace and update VAR with SHS and the remaining part is the same. The result I am expecting is SHS1010

Here is the code:

SELECT SUBSTR(R.regnumber,4,4) as RegNo from registration R WHERE R.teacheremail='param';

UPDATE registration  SET regnumber = 'SHSRegNo' where teacheremail='param';

But it's updating as RegNo.

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You can do this in one UPDATE statement:

UPDATE registration  
SET regnumber = concat('SHS', substr(regnumber, 4, 4))
where teacheremail='param';

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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Just do that:

UPDATE registration  SET regnumber = concat('SHS', substr(regnumber, 4, 4))
WHERE teacheremail='param';
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use replace

UPDATE registration  SET regnumber =  replace(regnumber,'VAR','SHS')
where teacheremail='param';
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your link is off-topic, the question is not about Microsoft SQL server. And your query uses a subquery, this is useless here. – Jocelyn Oct 7 '12 at 18:33
@Jocelyn - sorry i change the answer. but syntax's are similar... – DevT Oct 7 '12 at 18:35

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