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Is there any way to replace a regexp with modified content of capture group?


Pattern regex = Pattern.compile("(\\d{1,2})");
Matcher regexMatcher = regex.matcher(text);
resultString = regexMatcher.replaceAll("$1"); // *3 ??

And I'd like to replace all occurrence with $1 multiplied by 3.


Looks like, something's wrong :(

If I use

Pattern regex = Pattern.compile("(\\d{1,2})");
Matcher regexMatcher = regex.matcher("12 54 1 65");
try {
    String resultString = regexMatcher.replaceAll(;
} catch (Exception e) {

It throws an IllegalStateException: No match found


Pattern regex = Pattern.compile("(\\d{1,2})");
Matcher regexMatcher = regex.matcher("12 54 1 65");
try {
    String resultString = regexMatcher.replaceAll("$1");
} catch (Exception e) {

works fine, but I can't change the $1 :(


Now, it's working :)

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by working directly on a string, we finally have this – Aquarius Power Dec 11 '15 at 20:30
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How about:

if (regexMatcher.find()) {
    resultString = regexMatcher.replaceAll(
            String.valueOf(3 * Integer.parseInt(;

To get the first match, use #find(). After that, you can use #group(1) to refer to this first match, and replace all matches by the first maches value multiplied by 3.

And in case you want to replace each match with that match's value multiplied by 3:

    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("(\\d{1,2})");
    Matcher m = p.matcher("12 54 1 65");
    StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer();
    while (m.find())
        m.appendReplacement(s, String.valueOf(3 * Integer.parseInt(;

You may want to look through Matcher's documentation, where this and a lot more stuff is covered in detail.

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yes but you lose the original string. if it is "a 1 2 3 " you won't have the a – Jasper Floor Apr 13 '11 at 14:55
This was pretty helpful! One addition is that if your matching a text and your matches are not at the end, you would need to call m.appendTail(s); – mezzie Jul 13 '11 at 16:23
Be careful when finding groups with static text around like Pattern.compile("var myVar=\"(.*)\";"); - It will replace all found not only the group. see also the link of John O. – Manuel M. Apr 18 '14 at 13:06

earl's answer gives you the solution, but I thought I'd add what the problem is that's causing your IllegalStateException. You're calling group(1) without having first called a matching operation (such as find()). This isn't needed if you're just using $1 since the replaceAll() is the matching operation.

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