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Suppose I fetch valid rows from table where marks_colm = '300' and we get 100 rows

For Each fetched row, I'd like to:

  1. create 3 new rows:
  2. increase max count of sequence_column by +1 set marks ='350'
  3. again increase max count of sequence_column by +1 set marks ='351'
  4. again increase max count of sequence_column by +1 set marks ='352'
  5. copy these three rows to an array ..
  6. insert the whole array into the table

Example input row:

Name1 ... RollNo31.... sequence5 ... marks300

output should be 3 output rows for each one of the input row above

Name1 ... RollNo31.... sequence6 ... marks350
Name1 ... RollNo31.... sequence7 ... marks351
Name1 ... RollNo31.... sequence8 ... marks352

How can I achieve this?

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I believe you can achieve your goal using multi-row insert. Note that, because there may be multiple errors encountered due to your inserting multiple rows, you must use the get diagnostics statement to retrieve details of any errors that may occur, DSNTIAR will be insufficient.

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