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I have a simple rails application written for scrapping a web page. The controller calls the scrapper utility in which I am using firefox in headless mode using watir-webdriver. The application works and returns the results properly. The way I would call the application is something like this:


and it returns a json string.

It takes about 15 seconds for the scrapper to complete. While one request is in progress, when I try to launch an other request, the request is queued until the previous one completes. I am not sure if its a limitation on the rails application side or on watir-webdriver or headless gem using Xvfb.

Any pointers would help.

Thanks, Sridhar

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There are better libraries for screen scraping such as mechanize. In fact, there are some applications made just for scraping.

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I found out that I can use the CGI module to do my work. Since I didnt need a rails application, I used ruby CGI to call the ruby script and pass parameters through URL. I can also launch multiple instances in a non-blocking fashion using this approach. I had to re-write my controller as a stand alone ruby program in order to do this.

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