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I've tried a number of solutions on here to build ffmpeg for iOS. Most notably, the last that I tried was here: ffmpeg won't ./configure in iOS5.1

When I try the proposed solution and then run "lipo -info" on one of the output libraries I get:

input file armv7/libavcodec.a is not a fat file Non-fat file: armv7/libavcodec.a is architecture: i386

Is this the expected result of running "lipo -info" on a file built for amrv7?

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Did you possibly build for the simulator i386 rather than armv7 .

Also if your using Xcode 4.4 it's very important that you include armv7s or remove the armv7s arch from your build settings.

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Most likely you did not install . See this answer how to install:

In my project, I used rake for configure and build ffmpeg for iOS with Xcode 4.5.1 (sdk 6.0) A link:

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