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I'm having this weird resizing when I swipe to delete a UITableCell subclass (ExpenseCell):


Here's a piece of code I use to resize the UILabels according to their contents:

    [super layoutSubviews];

    NSInteger leftMargin = 0;

    if (![descriptionLabel.text isEqualToString:@""]){
        leftMargin = 15;

    CGSize descriptionLabelSize = [descriptionLabel.text sizeWithFont:descriptionLabel.font];
    CGRect descriptionLabelRect = CGRectMake(descriptionLabel.frame.origin.x,
    descriptionLabel.frame = descriptionLabelRect;

    CGSize categoryLabelSize = [categoryLabel.text sizeWithFont:categoryLabel.font];
    CGRect categoryLabelRect = CGRectMake(descriptionLabel.frame.origin.x + descriptionLabel.frame.size.width + leftMargin,
    categoryLabel.frame = categoryLabelRect;

If I comment the code above, I don't have this issue but I lost the autoresizing UILabels.

Do you guys have an idea of how to fix this by adding constrains on AutoLayout or by changing the existing code?

Thanks in advance!

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