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I am successfully using the FiddlerCore API in C# to intercept web responses from a particular web host and capture JSON data.

The FiddlerCore API seems to block any other web browsing in Chrome, IE, etc whilst my application is running and capturing data. I understand that FiddlerCore creates a proxy to catch the traffic but wondered if it was possible to stop FiddlerCore from changing the LAN settings in my browser to direct traffic through a proxy?

I am currently Starting my Fiddler instance using the code below:

         Fiddler.FiddlerApplication.Startup(8877, true, true);

And I intercept the data packets in my winforms app in the following event

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I think you are starting up fiddler as a system proxy. To start it up without this you must not pass in FiddlerCoreStartupFlags.RegisterAsSystemProxy as one of the startup flags.

FiddlerCoreStartupFlags.Default &

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