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I discovered AForge a few days ago with a goal in mind. I wanted to be able to manipulate an image's colors. However, after trying several different methods I have not been able to find a resolution. I looked thoroughly through the documentation they give, but it hasn't been any help to me. The specific part of the documentation I have been using is: http://www.aforgenet.com/framework/docs/html/3aaa490f-8dbe-f179-f64b-eedd0b9d34ac.htm

The example they give:

// create filter
YCbCrLinear filter = new YCbCrLinear( );
// configure the filter
filter.InCb = new Range( -0.276f, 0.163f );
filter.InCr = new Range( -0.202f, 0.500f );
// apply the filter
filter.ApplyInPlace( image );

I replicated it for a button click event, but the 'image' portion of it wasn't specified. I converted the image inside of my picturebox to a bitmap, then referenced it in the last line thinking that it would work. But it had no affect at all. My code is the following:

private void ColManButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Bitmap newimage = new Bitmap(pictureBox1.Image);
YCbCrLinear filter = new YCbCrLinear();
filter.InCb = new Range(-0.276f, 0.163f);
filter.InCr = new Range(-0.202f, 0.500f);

My question essentially is, to anyone familiar or willing to help with this framework, how do I take my image and manipulate its color using AForge's YCbCrLinear Class under my button's click event?

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at the aforge website you can download the source code of a sample filter application, did you try it ?

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