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I am trying to make rewrite rule which rewrite this long url to a SEO friendly one. However, my rule didn't work and the destination url become a 404 page. I would appreciate any helps. Thank you!

This is an example of original URL


This is my rewrite rule

RewriteRule ^module/([^/])/pId/([^/])/id/([^/])/category/([^/])/start/([^/]*)$ /index.php?module=$1&pId=$2&id=$3&category=$4&start=$5 [L]

This is transformed URL


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([^/]) - what this means? –  zerkms Oct 7 '12 at 20:54

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Just from a quick glance, you are matching for /start/[^/]*$. But your URL contains a trailing forward slash start/0/, which your regex excludes.

So it might be best to either allow a spare slash with /? or rather make the last match pattern completely imperceptive with /start/(.*)$ allowing everything.

But anyway, just removing file extensions and trading ampersands and equal signs for forward slashes doesn't make for nicer or user-friendly URLs. The goal should be parameter consolidation for readability. Contemporary search engines don't care about GET parameters really.

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