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I have a very function function inside the activity that takes a static date in the past, formats it to a relative string using DateUtils.getRelativeDateTimeString (so it becomes something like "3 minutes ago" and sets it to a TextView. However, I want this TextView to keep updated so long as the activity stays open.

How do I make a continuous task that will either run continuously (infinite loop) or run within short intervals - like every second. How to accomplish this without getting into background services and such?

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Use AsyncTask, and do the conversion in doInBackground and publish it to onProgressUpdate. – Wenhui Oct 7 '12 at 21:17
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Here is an example using AsyncTask

private class BackgroundCoversionTask extends AsyncTask< String, String, Void >{

    protected Void doInBackground( String... params ) {

        while( !isCancelled() ){
            try {
                Thread.sleep( 1000 );
            } catch ( InterruptedException e ) {

            //DateUtils.getRelativeDateTimeString( MainActivity.this, time, minResolution, transitionResolution, flags )
            // Do something right here
            publishProgress( Long.toString( System.currentTimeMillis() ) );


        return null;

    protected void onProgressUpdate( String... values ) {
        super.onProgressUpdate( values );

        mTextView.setText( values[0] );


Then if you want to cancel the task, call cancel()

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Just run it on a separate thread.

Thread thread = new Thread()
    public void run() {
        try {
            while(true) {
                //Do your date update here
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {


See: How to run a Runnable thread in Android?

With threads please make sure that when the app is paused or resumed you appropriately pause or resume your thread. Also it is a good idea to end them yourself at the end of the activity lifecycle for the sake of handling any data you might want

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