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Can I implement the "load" method in FileReference in other way? My client use FP 9 and this method is implemented in FP 10. I am using BlazeDS + Spring and I want to upload images.

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You can do file upload in FP 9 but the files have to go to the server. The FileReference load method made it possible to "upload" to the client-side then allowing the developer to do something with the "file" before it gets sent to the server (if ever). Here are some links that might help:

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Thanks, My intention was just to do(using FP9) something with the "file" before send it(using spring + blazeds) to the server. I was calling my "upload service" on "my select method" and my fileReference wasn't "complete loaded" to be uploaded. After reading some papers and blogs, I think that is impossible using FP9 by security reasons... So, I will use the traditional form with FP9...flex + servlet or script. -Oséas –  Oséas Aug 18 '09 at 10:52

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