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obviously I am trying to get facebooks async init working. Doing it, I need to create a function on object window called "fbAsyncInit". I am having simillar problem, when writing web workers, because there I want to use self.postMessage but self is once again having as its interface interface Window. However I try to do it, the typscript compiler is not happy with me adding a field to window which is not specified in Window interface. I tried to do it like this at first:

interface WindowFB extends Window { 
    fbAsyncInit: ()=>any;

declare var window: WindowFB;

that didn't help so I tried some other things and managed to get type checker happy, but it seems like it is just bugged(because for the solutions it is not happy 100%). Does anybody know what the right solution for this might be?

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The 'Window' interface is open. You can just write:

interface Window {
    fbAsyncInit: () => any;


Due to some bugs around lib.d.ts, this won't quite work in the TypeScript Playground, but the command-line compiler should be able to accept this.

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I forgot to mention that I am working in Visual studio 2012, so I've mostly had in mind getting rid of the errors there. – Capaj Oct 7 '12 at 22:56

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