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i have this code which helps me match two different tables.. now, each of this tables, has a epos_id and a rbpos_id ! I have another table which has pairs of rbpos_id and epos_id, something like:

id | epos_id | rbpos_id
1    a3566     465jd
2    hkiyb     rbposi

When i join this other table, i need to check this condition, i mean, the matching should be done, only and if, the epos_id and rbpos_id of the join i'm doing, have the same id,i mean, belong to the same row.. Here is my current query... Thanks!

SELECT retailer.date, retailer.time, retailer.location, retailer.user_id,imovo.mobile_number ".
 "FROM retailer LEFT JOIN imovo ".
    " ON addtime(retailer.time, '0:0:50')>imovo.time
AND retailer.time <imovo.time AND retailer.date=imovo.date
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I do not unsderstand the question: Do you have a table t1 having epos_id as primary key, a table t2 having rbpos_id as primary key, and a table t3 having foreign keys epos_id and rbpos_id that links tables t1 and t2? In this case, you would just do a simple join: SELECT t1.*, t2.* FROM t1 INNER JOIN t3 ON t3.epos_id = t1.epos_id INNER JOIN t2 ON t3.rbpos_id = t2.rbpos_id WHERE ... (Perhaps use LEFT/RIGHT JOINs instead of INNER JOINs.) –  Thomas Oct 7 '12 at 21:51
i don't quite understand this, maybe i'll have to check up the difference of the joins you mentioned, all i need is the above query and that the match created of epos_id and rbpos_id match the ones of the other table i've designed above... –  Blerta Blerta Oct 7 '12 at 21:56
Which tables do you have and how did you name them? Which of these tables contain either the column epos_id, or the column rbpos_id, or both of them (epos_id, rbpos_id)? Which of your tables do you wish to join? –  Thomas Oct 7 '12 at 23:59

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