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I keep getting error for the following query

ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER domain-USERS\user.tablename;

I tried other table of the same database with a different name and it works fine. (like username.tablename)

So I think the problem is the hyphen in the username.

I also tried the following query but no help.

ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER 'domain-USERS\user'.tablename;

ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER 'domain-USERS\user.tablename';


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This is the correct syntax to transfer the table [A] from schema [B] into the schema [C].


On the right side of TRANSFER, there shouldn't be a WINDOWS login name.

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Unless of course a schema was created with the user's name, as an sp_adduser does. – Ben Thul Oct 8 '12 at 2:28

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