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Suppose I inherit a database with a fact table and tens of dimension tables.

I'd like to cross join some of the dimensions to avoid too many joins in reporting.

It is also likely that the fact table has some other design problems (facts with a different grain in a single table)

Is there a limit to the number of dimensions I can use for a star transformation execution plan to take place or does it scale to any number of dimensions?

For an explanation of what a star transformation is, see here and here.

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It's highly dependent on the capabilities of the hardware, the size of the dimensions you are trying to join, etc, etc. Are you on Oracle? Use of the JL article seems to indicate you are. Essentially it looks like Jonathan is having oracle generate bitmaps on the fly that can be efficiently merged, so you don't have to do lots of work to find the rowids that you need from the large fact table. Not a bad idea, but very specific to large dim tables that happen to have a filter predicate that can be used to reduce the data set before hitting the main table... – N West Oct 8 '12 at 13:56

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