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This question is related to this: (I apologize I don't know how to post it as a follow-up qn): How can i use tesseract ocr(or any other free ocr) in small c++ project?

The latest response from user sventech says : This is out of date. All that is now required is libtesseract. The standard code includes support for VS2008 and 2010 is trivial with the instructions. – sventech Sep 19 at 14:42

I would like to find out if you are saying that one does not have to do those steps since there is a an easier way to just use the library without having to build it ? Since I am not very experienced on buidling the open source libraries I would like to surely avoid it if possible. What is the easiest way to integrate tesseract function calls into a C prorgram (VS2010) ? Thanks much, JV Iyer.

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what surprise me is that you are using VS for programming in C, it's well know the fact that VS has a really bad support for C. –  axis Oct 8 '12 at 18:01

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I think this link wold be useful. If you use VS2010 you have to find directories in your project properties by right-click/properties.

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1 - Normally you need only the Win32-libs

De-zip it, you will have these two folders : D:\tesseract-3.02.02\lib D:\tesseract-3.02.02\include

2 - But you will need also (for debug) liblept168.dll, liblept168.lib that you will find by installing Tesseract setup

Copy these files in D:\tesseract-3.02.02\lib

Add also this folder to your path.

3- In your vc2010 project, add in the Project Properties :

  • C/C++ -> Other includes folder : D:\tesseract-3.02.02\include
  • Linker -> General : D:\tesseract-3.02.02\lib
  • Linker -> Dependencies -> input : libtesseract302.lib(Debug & Release)

Note : The libtesseract302d.lib is build for vc2008, that why you have c0150002 error when you use it. Good way should to build from the source on vc2010 ...

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