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Using express with coffeescript. What I want to happen is, request will get test.htm from couchdb, then have that htm file rendered (is that the right term?) on the browser.

I have this on my

app.get "/testreq", (req, res) ->
  gets = require("request")
  myurl = gets ''
  res.send myurl

On my browser, when I go to "/testreq", I get these instead...

{ "readable": true, "writable": true, "__isRequestRequest": true, "_redirectsFollowed": 0, "maxRedirects": 10, "followRedirect": true, "followAllRedirects": false, "setHost": true, "port": "5984", "host": "", "path": "/album/1d22186ee496b5ada564a9888d003203/test.htm", "uri": { "protocol": "http:", "slashes": true, "host": "", "port": "5984", "hostname": "", "href": "", "pathname": "/album/1d22186ee496b5ada564a9888d003203/test.htm", "path": "/album/1d22186ee496b5ada564a9888d003203/test.htm" }, ....

Changing res.send myurl to res.render myurl gives me an error (500 Error: Failed to lookup view "[object Object]").

What should I do to get test.htm (from couchdb) is rendered as html on the browser?

Thanks for helping!

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1 Answer 1

I got it!

  myurl.pipe res

Thanks for stopping by!

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