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I am a new solr user , just wanted to know how can I get the final value of q after it has gone through all the analyzers. Ex original query q=ABC;"de

Analyzers = lowercase,Patternreplacefactory replacing semicons and other special characters

Output = abcde

Based on this abcde I am doing further processing in my code. @Override public void prepare(ResponseBuilder rb) throws IOException { // TODO Auto-generated method stub SolrQueryRequest req = rb.req;

    SolrParams params = req.getParams();
    String q = params.get("q");

This q value is ABC;"de how do a retrieve the output of the analyzers? or am I looking in the wrong method? I want to retrieve abcde

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you go to the analysis page and you can enter your query in Field Value (Query) side to see how it is analysed. Also add debugQuery=true to your request and study debug output

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I got how to do that in the code . Thanks anyways :) tokenStream = analyzer.reusableTokenStream(qf, new StringReader("your query")); –  Sanil Mar 6 '13 at 0:45

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