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In SVG, is it possible to translate the marker_start / marker_end along a Path?

<path id="e:3" fill="black" fill-opacity="1.0" stroke="black" stroke-opacity="1.0" stroke-width="1" d=" M2 12 L18 17 z" marker-start="url(#markerStart)">

I'd like to translate marker-start some X units along the path. How would I do that?

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You can set your marker's refX and refY attributes, which define where the marker should be attached to the path. For more details see the specification.

Possibly you will also need to adjust the viewBox on the <marker> element. And you can draw outside the viewBox if you need, provided you set overflow:visible on the <marker> element (or alternatively specify large enough values in the markerWidth, markerHeight attributes).

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