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I think my approach may be off, but this seems like a common need, so i'm hoping i'm not too far off. Any input is appreciated. When the 'publish/unpublish' button is clicked, i'd like to read 'getTask()' and take my own actions, after the core's 'publish' method completes. Here's where I start:

In the controller, in my own 'publish' method i call parent::publish. So far no problem. Then I want to read getTask and pass it to the model function.


public function publish()

    $model = $this->getModel();

    $myPublish = $this->getTask();
    $model->modelVariable = $myPublish;
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This seemed to work out pretty well.

public function publish()
    $publishAffliate = $this->getTask();

    $cid = JRequest::getVar('cid');//affiliates DB record ID.

    $fileName = "C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.4.2\conf\affilatesTest.txt";
    $fHandle = fopen($fileName, 'a');

        case 'publish':
            fwrite($fHandle, "\npublished site ID = ". $cid[0]);
        case 'unpublish':
            fwrite($fHandle, "\nunpublished site ID = ". $cid[0]);


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